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Cases concerning the personal matters are extremely sensitive and individual. In such cases our employees are not only ready to advice about the best solutions but also realise the importance of listening and hearing the client´s problems and providing the advices using our experience. Discrete and professional services are prioritised in our company helping to build the trust between us and our private clients.

In private cases the communication with the clients plays the main role. As a result, we offer the possibility to be updated directly during the surveillance using WhatsApp, e-mail, Skype, Viber or phone conversations allowing our clients to participate in the investigation and make the appropriate decisions regarding the duration and timing of the surveillance. 

The most common cases we work with in the private clients sector include the investigation of the partner affairs, address search as well as background checks of the individuals. However, we also find the solutions for not common cases. As a result, if other type of services is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Do you suspect your partner is cheating?

Changing partner´s habits and unusual behaviour are the first signs for cheating. According to our experience both, men and women are more often having the affairs. Do you see the strange changes in your partners behaviour such as current and unusual interest in sport and appearance, secret phone conversations or messages, changing attitude to you as a partner...? Is your partner coming back from work  later than usual or has more business trips on weekends? Is your partner not available on the phone more often? These are the signs of the possible affair. In case your partner has a business trip in Germany and you would like to check his/her activities during this trip we can help you!

For the surveillance we use the teams of our most experienced investigators Germany wide. As a result of the surveillance you would receive the constant updates during the surveillance, full report of the actions as well as pictures/videos of the places the person is visiting and people the person is meeting.

Not only the dishonesty but also doubts can damage the relationship. Contact us and receive the clear picture of the situation!

Are you looking for someone?

Sometimes people come to the position when they are willing to find their relatives, old friends or their first love after a lot of years. 

With our help you can find the current living address of the people you have not contacted for a very long time and refresh your contact. We can make the address search confidentially. If required we also visit the address and provide you with the pictures proving that the person is living there as well as check if someone else is living in the same address. In case it is required we can also contact the person. However, when it is necessary, the investigation will remain unnoticed by the person.

Address search is also helpful when searching for people who are hiding from loans or other problems left behind. When it is needed we can also deliver the necessary documents, letters to the address directly to the receiver. 

Do not wait and find the people you care about! 

Are you interested in the person´s background?

The background checks are common when the client wants to commit to another person, however, has some doubts about the person´s past, marital status, financial situation etc. As a result, we perform various background checks including criminal, marital, asset and financial situation and others. It is also often relevant for the parents, when they have doubts about the credibility of the person their children are dating.

Such background checks are increasingly important due to the relationships which start on-line or in social media, where the people are often keen to hide the reality or are willing to trick someone to receive money etc.

It is also relevant in such situations when person is avoiding the commitments such as paying back loans, alimony etc. As a result, the background check followed by the surveillance helps to solve the situation. We collect the proves where the person is actually living, what kind of car the person drives, if the person has illegal working activities which are not showed in the official situations. The reports and the pictures collected during the background check and the surveillance may help to solve the situation and convince the person to take the responsibility.

Clear your doubts! We can answer your questions and provide you the truth!

Do you face any other problems?

If your situation is not mentioned here, do not hesitate to contact us! We will always listen to your problems and provide you with the best possible solutions. The private investigation business is based on the tailored services and we are always providing different packages of services for each our client. Although there are some tendencies of the most common cases we solve, however, we also are investigating various situations which are faced in the single cases.

With our flexibility we are ready to help you in every matter!

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